Challenges in a Fitness Program

Mind in the Muscle

You may have seen the video...

...and now you can catch the follow up podcast!

Building thy booty...

Muscle group #1 in the to speak!

Plant Based Nutrition. THE GUIDE

You saw the last episode and likely wanted a little more info on how to organize a plant based nutrition system. Boom. You're welcome. Show Notes Available

The.Game.Changers REVIEW

Keto...What's the deal?

Ever heard of the keto diet? Of course, buuuut, what's the deal? How does it work? Find out! Get the show notes HERE

Mind in the Muscle PART ONE

Mind in the Muscle Part One! Check out what it's all about AND get your Show Notes HERE

Why is everyone an expert??

Why is EVERYONE at expert now adays?? Well hard to answer...but we are going to try! Get the show notes HERE

One. Eight. Zero.

Catch the Trailer Here and then check out the full length feature! Based on the Book available on Kindle