Relative Body Types by Gabriel Maestas, CPT, CNC

What are the Body Types?

Body types are fairly explicit as they attempt to distinguish and 'order' your genetic traits. They are not entirely set in stone (as far as characteristics) and there are variations of the body types. Oh wait, what the hell's a body type??

Mesomorphs have squared shoulders, great muscle tone, and a fast metabolism. 

Endomorphs have broad broad shoulders and a thicker waist, heavier adipose storage and a slower metabolism. 

Ectomorphs have narrow shoulders, a very fast metabolism and usually limited muscle strength.

*Body type characteristics are similar for both genders.

Is training and nutrition different for the three body types? Well, its a complex answer but for the most part, yes, there are differences. The only constant is that all three body types benefit from regular exercise!

Volume is Key!

FOOD volume and TRAINING volume. While usually individualized, there are key training protocols per body type.

Mesomorphs benefit from higher caloric intake and usually excel at anaerobic dominant activities like weight training.

Endomorphs need to be careful with their nutrition intake and are good at a wide variety of exercise modes. 

Ectomorphs often require much higher caloric intakes and excel at endurance based exercise modes.

What's YOUR Body Type and who has it??